WARR Nutrition, Whey Performance 80 is an advanced whey protein blend for professional athletes and bodybuilders to support their clean mass gain with 22g of protein in each serving.

Whey Performance 80 is formulated to develop muscle, maintain bone health, minimize post-workout injuries, and fastest recovery. Muscle fuel whey protein is added with digestive enzyme, digitizing consisting of protease & lipase. Proteases improve digestion and maximize protein absorption to swiftly.

Benefits of Whey Performance 80 Whey Protein:-

⚫Optimal muscle recovery and gains.

⚫Better absorption, Best performance & Ultra filtered.

⚫Advanced whey protein Blend for Muscle Building & Strength.

⚫ Added vitamins & Minerals to promote Anabolism.


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Warr Nutrition whey performance Protein.1KG

Warr Nutrition whey performance Protein