• T- Rex is an all in one product, it combines all the ingredients to make a power  pack supplement to boost overall health & performance. T- Rex is a  multivitamin for performance, T- Rex has a lot of edge over other products,  being all natural, ayurvedic, liquid,


  • Revitalize Your Life, Without added sugars, calories, or chemicals. We all experience low energy at some point. Feeling sluggish, unmotivated & Tired. An energy rush works for a little bit, But the leaves you crashing. With T-Rex in your daily routine, you can avoid this roller coaster ride and enjoy balanced energy levels. Maintain consistent energy with T-Rex’s natural ingredients and herbs. Skip the extra cups of coffee and sugary energy drinks, and energize your body naturally the way nature intended.


    combining all important ingredients, being  100% pure & non adulterated, backed by science and research.

  • Heart Health

    Support cardiovascular health by reataining healthy triglyceride levels and healthy blood pressure. Heart health starts with a healthy diet of limiting sodium and eating more high fiber, Low fat foods, including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. To further support your heart health, consider taking supplemets to keep blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels within normal range T-Rex consists of natural herbs like almond extract to support your heart health & drakha to support healthy blood pressure levels.

  • Muscle & Endurance

    More Testosterone means more muscle. More muscle means more strength & endurance. T-Rex contains all natural ingredients that help boost natural testosterone levels and promote higher muscle growth. With T-Rex you are able to lift heavier, Run Faster & Jump Higher, At the same time keeping you calm and focused.

  • Brain Health

    T-Rex contains ashwagandha & kath badam, Both these ingredients help keeping the brains calm, promote mental focus, and increase brain coznition, Weather its training, Sport or work your brain is more focused. Ashwagandha helps reduce stress levels, Making you happier from the inside – Out, Low Stress levels helps increase free testosterone.

  • Stress Support

    Finding balance is something difficult. Address occasional stress with the help of nature T-Rex consists of natural ayurvedic herbs that can help relieve you from your daily stress. Stress is ancient, Natural stress response is tied to the ancient survival mechanism of ‘Fight or Flight’, offering a burst of energy enabling you to react quickly. In Today’s world, this survival mechanism can still be useful, T-Rex consists of herbs like ashwagandha soothing stress support.

  • Healthy Aging

    With T-Res you feel empowered year after year, growing older comes with its specific challenges and opportunities, But it’s important to remember what your body needs to age gracefully. The key to longevity and health living is taking care of your body. T-Rex offers profound support for your overall well-veing, and carefully selected herbs, which offer support for various aspects of aging.


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T Rex – Strength & Performance Booster

Recommended Use

  • – Consume 1 TSP [10ML] Once or twice a day
  • – Directly or with your favourite beverage.
  • – On Workout Days, consume 1 serving 30 Minutes prior to training.
  • – For best results consume with a cup of coffee.


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